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University of Southern California

Aug 2015–Present (graduation May 2019)

Full-Tuition Trustee Merit Scholarship

Major: Computer Science and Computer Engineering      Minor: Photography

3.7 GPA

On Executive Board as Project Coordinator at the USC Center for AI in Society CAIS++


Internship: Robotic Embedded Systems Lab, USC Feb 2018–Present

Development in the cutting-edge of reinforcement learning. Currently working on the new release of the next-generation platform for RL research, Garage, with the goal of making innovation in the field much easier.

Research: Lehrstuhl für Informationsmanagement im Maschinenbau (Cybernetics Lab), RWTH Aachen University, Germany May 2018–Present

Research in Reinforcement Learning applied to Robotics, as well as more general artificial intelligence research. Currently publishing a paper applying neuroscience methods to understand the Black Box problem and the internal organization of neural networks.

Research: Kawasaki Disease Research Center, UCSD Feb 2018–Present

Research using the latest developments in Machine Learning (incl SVMs, Boosted Decision Trees, and Deep Neural Networks) to diagnose the rare childhood illness, Kawasaki Disease. Currently refining my models that already get higher accuracy than any other diagnosis method.

Research: USC Machine Learning Center Aug 2016–May 2018

Research into the latest machine learning algorithms to solve challenging problems, especially in computational biology and health care. Worked on improving models that diagnose diseases from symptom information. Also created models to analyze changes in biological neurons while the brain is learning.

Internship: Breinify, Inc. May–Aug 2017

I implemented a system to retrieve aggregated data of specific individuals from graph databases. I then generated new insights based on this data with inference models, even creating a responsive web platform to visualize my work.

Internship: BioBlocks, Inc. May–Aug 2016

I improved the speed/reliability of the BioBlocks database, adding new features—including a system writing procedures in English for Hungarian chemists & a system automating chemical supply/shipping logistics.

Research: Kawasaki Disease Research Center, UCSD July 2013–July 2015

Under Dr. Jane Burns, conducted research into Kawasaki disease’s epidemiology with the goal of finding a source agent. Skills developed: DNA/RNA extraction, PCR, computer data visualization, and library research.


Development: Python(incl numpy/sklearn/matplotlib), Java, C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, PipelinePilot, Apache Tomcat/Java EE Webserver, Deep Learning/Keras/Tensorflow

Programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, Web Design


Artificial Intelligence, Photography, Graphic Design/Typography/Drawing, Backpacking/Camping, Sailing, Skiing

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